Rustic Series
Electric Kiln

Rustic Series

Rustic pottery has more of a rough finish, which reminds the user that the piece was hand crafted by an artisan. Usually made out of red clay, which burns red at low temperature and brown at high, it is an ideal addition to a country style home or a cottage.
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Fun Designs

Playful Series

These pieces are usually made out of porcelain for a strong contrast with the bright colours of the playful motifs. This style takes inspiration from Talavera pottery, which is part of the wonderful heritage that Islam left in Spain.
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Wood-Fired Series

Pieces fired in a Wood Kiln are a unique result of all the magic that happens in the chamber as the kiln is fed with local wood during days and nights, until it reaches the desired temperature. The finished pieces show off the random path of the flames and ash deposits.
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As a single person studio, every step is done by me. I perform every step in the creative process, plus the photography, ordering supplies, making glazes and slips, packing orders and social media. 

If you would like to get a sneak peak into my studio, Instagram is a great way to see new products, finishes, and styles. Please join me there!
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