Meet the artist

Alejandra's Story

My name is Alejandra, and I have a home-based studio in Edmonton, Alberta. I am an Art Historian, a Translator, a Woodcrafter and a Ceramic Artist.
It is certainly more satisfying to enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea if it is poured in a mug or teacup that was hand made by an artisan who put their heart and soul into its making.

Getting Into Pottery

I was first introduced to pottery at a local Artisan Center 35 years ago while I was attending University, and I was hooked! Its unlimited possibilities and unpredictable results never cease to amaze me.

Artistic Inspiration

I love the primitive idea of creating something beautiful where there is nothing but raw material. Being a nature lover, I use sustainable, organic materials, and my art usually portrays natural imagery. I am very fortunate to live by the North Saskatchewan River, and our daily evening walks with our dogs fill me with inspiration.
How I Work

Pottery That Evolves

I use different types of clay, stains, underglazes and glazes. I make my own transfers and do Mishima, sgraffito, slip trailing, carving, waxing... anything that comes to my mind! 


I love to experiment with new techniques, so I don't have a specific style. I probably never will, and tend not to make the same pieces repeatedly, because I am most happy when I let my creativity flow.
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Making It Special

My goal is to make each piece as special to have as it was for me to create it. I put a lot of thought and passion into each piece; from its first conception to the finished product. 
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